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In literature, paratextual elements have traditionally acted as thresholds between what is outside of the text and the text itself. They underline the passage from an extradiegetic level to a diegetic level and, ultimately, in the case of literature, from reality to fiction. Although this model has been articulated to apply to paper publishing, the digital sphere has demonstrated the tendency to blur it more and more. On the web, everything is text, or, to be more specific, there is on the web a little text and an enormous amount of paratexts. It is indeed the paratexts that usually play an operational role: paratexts are the devices that allow us to act (change of address, page, liking content, etc.). In other words, the paratexts become the interface, a place of action, a world, or, even better, the world where we act. The paratexts then become an environment, our environment.