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Digital identities and profiles

The development of the participatory web, or web 2.0, has brought about in the last few years a multiplication of what we call user profiles. Indeed, every platform asks the user to create a “profile” – from social networks to online retail platforms, including meetup sites, online games on social networks. The writer, and also the researcher, creates their own authorial face while at the same time developing original forms of self-narratives. We would then say that, henceforth, authors editorialize themselves. They use digital tools and their associated characteristics in order to produce as an author. As it is constructed online, the authorial identity is therefore dynamic (never definitively completed), heterodetermined (namely by the readers), and performative. Furthermore, these distortions of the forms and functions of the user profile may be considered literary practices that, through their playful creativity, subvert the profile’s common usage and its social implications.